Do you wish to be one of the tomorrow’s leaders?

According to the new amendment of the law on higher education the application process for the academic year 2015-2016, you must choose UNYT to further continue your studies with us, the selection should be done electronically through the student portal (Matura Shteterore’s page,

Beware to check UNYT in the A2 form in order to be eligible to enroll to the gate that will shape your future

The Candidate which wishes to Study at UNYT must have a GPA above 6.0 and must a B1 level mastery of the English language.
There will be 3 rounds of application, be careful do not forget to include UNYT in your application



UNYT is the first private university in Albania as it was established in 2002. In collaboration with the State University of New York, Empire State College and the University of Greenwich, UNYT is the only university that offers the opportunity of a dual diploma