Instructor: Dr. Brikena Balli Office Hours: By appointment E-mail:

Prerequisite: Composition II

Course Purpose: The main objective of this course is to provide students with general knowledge on the discipline of sociology, focusing on important sociological issues, such as: culture, socialization, social stratification, sex and gender, ethnic-racial relations, global inequalities. At the end of the course, the students will be able to have an understanding of sociological concepts, theories, as well as develop the ability to apply these concepts and theories to social problems we face in our times. Additionally, students will become familiar with main scientific methods that sociologists use in the process of conducting sociological research.

Required Readings

Society: The Basics, John J. Macionis, Pearson Education; 11 edition Additional Materials

Students will be provided with additional materials during class times.

Participation: Participation extends beyond mere attendance. Expect your instructor to keep track of how often you contribute to class discussion (as a whole). You may miss up to three classes without penalty – your first two absences count whether you have a good excuse or not. Each absence beyond the first three will cost you points off of your participation grade. The only exceptions to this rule are severe illness (doctor’s note required) and UNYT approved trips/activities. Appropriate documentation for absences beyond the first three is necessary the class day directly before or after the one you miss. In general: Missing class could seriously affect your grade! Students who miss class are expected to collect materials from their classmates or see the instructor. University’s policy is that if a student is absent for

more than 20% of the course (i.e. 9 hours), then ‘F’ will be the grade awarded for the course.

Exams: Two examinations will be held, one at mid-term (eighth week of the course) and another in the final week of the course. The test format may combine a mixture of short answer, and one or two essay questions covering all course content during the final examination period.

Research Essay: (2000 words). Topics for the research essay will be discussed in class. All assignments should be typed (word-processed). They should also include a correctly formatted bibliography.

Class participation: 10% Mid-term Exam: 25% Essay: 30% Final Exam: 35%

Criteria for Determination of Grade, including Evaluation Methods

Letter Grade

Percent (%)

Generally Accepted Meaning



Outstanding work





Good work, distinctly above average







Acceptable work







Work that is significantly below average







Work that does not meet minimum standards for passing the course

General Requirements

Late assignments and absence from tests will not be tolerated. In the event of illness or emergency, contact your instructor IN ADVANCE to determine whether special arrangements are possible. The University’s rules on academic dishonesty (e.g. cheating, plagiarism, submitting false information) will be strictly enforced. Please familiarize yourself with the STUDENT HONOR CODE.

The instructor reserves the right to make changes in the syllabus that do not affect the total amount of work required by students.

Course Schedule

1. What is sociology? (Week 1) Monday 28 Febr Introduction to the course: Student responsibilities

Macioni, Chapter 1, Sociology: Perspective, Theory, and Method

Sociological Imagination: The Promise of Sociology (Theory)

2. Sociological Research and Methods (Week 2) Monday 7 March Macioni: Chapter 1: Sociology: Perspective, Theory, and Method

Sociological Imagination: The Promise of Sociology (Theory)

Mar. 14 Monday: National Holiday; No classes (March 14) –
3. Culture (Week 3) Monday 21 March

Macioni: Chapter 2: Culture
4. Socialization (Week 4) Monday 28 March

Macioni: Chapter 3: Socialization: From Infancy to Old Age

5. Social Interaction & Everyday Life (Week 5) Monday 4 April Macioni: Chapter 4: Social Interaction in Everyday Life

Groups and Organizations

6. Gender and Sexuality (Week 6) Monday 11 April Macioni: Chapter 7: Deviance

** Mid-term exam ** (Week 7) Monday 18 April Apr. 20 – April 26 Easter Break April 27 ( Wed ) Classes resume

  1. Social StratificationMacioni: Chapter 7: Social Stratification
  2. Global StratificationMacioni: Chapter 9: Global Stratification
  3. Race & Ethnicity
    Macioni: Chapter 11: Race and Ethnicity

(Week 8) Monday 2 May (Week 9) Monday 9 May

(Week 10) Monday 16 May

10. Economics and Politics

Macioni: Chapter 12: Economics and Politics

11. Families & Education

Macioni: Chapter 13: Family and Religion

12. Education, Health, and Medicine June

(Week 11) Monday 23

Macioni: Chapter 14: Education, Health, and Medicine
13. Population, Urbanization and Environment (Week 14) Monday 13 June

Macioni: Chapter 15: Population, Urbanization, and Environment
*** Final Exam * (Week 15) Monday 20 June

(Week 12) Monday 30 May

(Week 13) Monday 6