Course: ESC

Course Credits Prerequisite
Financial Statements Analysis 4 Managerial Accounting
Business Ethics
Investing 4 Money and Banking, Corporate Finance
Legal Environment Of Business 4 Senior Standing
Entrepreneurship and Small & Medium Enterprises 4 Senior Standing
Human resources Management 4 Principles of Management and senior status
Intermediate Microeconomics 4 Introduction to Macroeconomics, senior status
International Finance 4 Corporate Finance, senior status
Research Methods in Social Sciences 2 Statistics I
European Integration 4 uropean Union: Structures and Institutions
Web Programming with PHP 4 Intro to Programming
Data Communications and Networking 4 Introduction to Programming
Marketing & Sales Promotion 4 Principles of Marketing, senior status
Marketing Research 4 Statistics II, Principles of Marketing, senior status
Senior Project 4 Senior status
War and Peace 4 Int. Law and Diplomacy
Risk Management 4
Research Methods in Social Science

Course: UNYT

Course Credits Prerequisite
Composition I TOEFL>530
Composition II Composition I
College Algebra 3
U.S. History II 3 Composition I
Computer Applications
Statistics I Composition I
Calculus I 4 College Algebra & Trigonometry
Albanian Business and Labor Law 3
Introduction to Microeconomics 3 Comp 1,College Algebra
Introduction to Macroeconomics 3 Comp I, College Algebra
Financial accounting 3 Comp I, College Algebra
Managerial Accounting 3 Financial Accounting
Cost Accounting 3 Managerial Accounting
Industrial & Organizational Behavior General Psychology
Corporate finance Financial Accounting & Managerial Accounting
Principles of Marketing Composition I, Microeconomics
Principles of Management 3 Composition I
Advanced Business English Composition II
Money and Banking  Introduction to Macroeconomics
General Psychology 3 Composition I
Intro to Mass Communication Composition I
Introduction to Sociology Composition I
Social and Economic Development Introduction to Macroeconomics
Advanced Legal Writing and Reasoning 3 Composition II
Advanced Finance 3 Corporate Finance
Internship 2 upper senior status
Public Relations Composition II
Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood 3 General Psychology
Classics of Political Thought 3 Composition I
Introduction to Political Science and Comparative Politics 3 Composition II, World History II
Diplomatic History 3 Intro to International Relations
International Organisations 3 Intro to International Relations
Theories of a Personality 3 General Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Humanism and Behaviorism
Social Psychology 3
Scientific World 3 Composition I
Computer Ethics 3 Composition I
Discrete Mathematics 4 College Algebra
Probability and Statistics Calculus II
Object-Oriented Programming with Java 3 Introduction to Programming
Computer Organization and System Architecture 3 Introduction to Computer Science, Introduction to Programming
Operating Systems 3 Data Structures
Management Information Systems Introduction to Computer Science
Database Systems 3 Data Structures
Business Information Systems Managerial Accounting
Economics of the European Union Comp I, College Algebra
Business Policy and Strategy
World History I Composition I
Calculus II 4 Calculus I
Advertising 3
Environment and Economics 3