• The University of New York Tirana is proud to offer well-structured doctoral studies of your choice and is welcoming applications from prospective doctoral students. Doctoral programmes at UNYT have been licensed by the PhD_Ministry_of_Education

    Our PhD programs aim at preparing you for challenges ahead in academia, or the research world.  Each PhD program offers a set of taught courses that will equip the doctoral student with rigorous and state-of-the-art theoretical background, research methodology and tools as to carry out publishable research of high quality. After completing the required courses, the doctoral student has to pass a mandatory pass/fail comprehensive exam, which requires theoretical mastery by the student.

    Doctoral students who successfully complete the comprehensive exam acquire the Ph.D. candidate status and are allowed to choose a main advisor and proceed with their thesis. The doctoral thesis is the culminating work of a Ph.D. candidate and should be a solid original contribution in the respective field. The candidate is required to have three published papers (two of which in international peer-reviewed journals) and three conference presentations (two of which in international peer-reviewed conferences) published in conference proceedings. The normal length of studies is three academic years.

    To serve the international orientation of our studies and to provide students with some of the best expertise in the field, we have gathered a pool of renowned professors from different universities in USA, England, Germany, France, etc.

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  • Program Concentration
    I. Ph.D. in Business Administration 1. Economics
    2. Finance
    3. Accounting
    4. Management
    5. Marketing
    6. International Business
    II. Ph.D. in Computer Science 1. Computer Science
    2. Management of Information Systems
    III. Ph.D. in Humanities and Social Sciences 1. Law
    2. Political Science/International Relations
    3. Education




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