The New York College network of educational institutions with its institutions in Athens, Thessaloniki, Prague and Tirana, continues to offer high quality multicultural education through its 28-years of successful academic collaboration with prestigious American and European Universities.

The President and Founder of the New York College Network, Mr. Elias Foutsis, has been awarded Honorary Doctorate Degrees by the University of Bolton, UK. He has been awarded the Honorary Doctorate in Business Administration and the Honorary Doctorate in Education.

UNYT was founded in order to address the regional needs for an American educational system and to prepare future leaders and business executives with a liberal arts and business education, a cross-cultural perspective, and a competitive spirit.

Its first Rector, the late Prof. Dr. Gramoz Pashko, was one of the leaders of the Albanian democratic movement of the early 1990s, a former Member of Parliament, Minister, and Deputy Prime Minister. A full scholarship that bears his name is offered annually by the State University of New York/Empire State College to a junior student transitioning into his or her senior year of studies.