Dear all,

UNYT is the result of a joint effort between late Prof Gramoz Pashko and me. We shared the vision of giving the young people of Albania the opportunity to study, following the American standard of higher education, at a reasonable cost, at home.
Today, UNYT is a private University recognized by the Albanian Government, and, thus, students have the option to complete their studies in Tirana, and to obtain a dual degree, the Bachelors from UNYT, and the Bachelors from the largest state university of the United States, the State University of New York, Empire State College USA.

Given the new circumstances of the global market, the University of New York, Tirana, as member of the NYC Group of Educational Institutions, has established a multicultural educational philosophy in order to prepare competitive professionals who will distinguish themselves not only within the borders of their country but, also, beyond the confines of their own culture.

Furthermore, through its partnerships with the University Institute, UNYT offers MBA programs, designed to meet our students’ needs for excellence in the labor market. At UNYT we believe that national borders, ethnicity, language and religious beliefs are no longer barriers to professional and personal development.

All of you are, therefore, most welcome to be partners with us as we continue our long path to excellence. Our slogan is: “Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders”, which highlights our commitment to continuous support throughout your studies and beyond them.

I wish all of you the best of success.

Elias Foutsis
President and Founder of UNYT