University of New York Tirana organizes a start-up weekend, in the framework of Adriatinn Project, in order to create links among innovative business ideas, to promote these ideas and support the development of small and medium enterprises.
Date of Event: JUNE 10-11 2016
Venue: UNYT Campus

This startup weekend, under the experiences of Adriatinn weekends, is organized to promote entrepreneurship, collaboration and creativity among SMEs, students, researchers, freelancers and everyone interested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

By joining the Start-up Weekend you will be able to:
• Learn through the act of creation
• Build your business network
• Get new entrepreneurial skills
• Get support from experts
• Innovate
• Find co-founders of your Innovation

What the Start-up Weekend offers:
• 48 hours of intensive entrepreneurial work
• Practical business and entrepreneurial skills
• Certificate of attendance as proof of knowledge
• Networking with successful entrepreneurs, academics, researchers
• Advice from the experts, coaches and judges
• An opportunity to develop your own ideas
• New career opportunities
• A lot of fun and socializing
• Food, snacks and crazy and creative atmosphere

Who should attend?

• Students
• SMEs and their representatives
• Entrepreneurs
• Researchers
• Freelancers
Everyone creative, collaborative and seeking for opportunities to innovate is kindly welcome.

How do I prepare?
We suggest you to get acquainted with Innovation Weekends and see videos from similar events around the world by clicking the WebPages:
http://www.adriatinn.eu/ .

How to attend this event?
If you are interested to attend the event, please, fill up the attached form and send it by e-mail to the address: andromahikufo@unyt.edu.al


The winning team will have:
1. An award of $200 (gross amount) per person (maximum 4 persons in a team)
2. Free use of CoLab for the business initiative
3. Free consultancy from our academics and experts on the field.